Is RV Travel Across The USA A Dream Of Yours?

Vagabond Beginnings

RV Travel Was Not How I Started My Vagabond Ways . . .

In 1980 I was underemployed and not making ends meet. I decided to sell everything but my car, some clothes and camping gear, becoming a vagabond as it were, and drive off to "booming" Texas, which turned out not to be so booming when I got there.

So with my savings and a rough itinerary, I continued my solo travel adventure thru Mexico, Guatemala and Belize for 7 weeks. There I climbed an active volcano in Guatemala and snorkeled off a coral reef on Cay Corker off the coast of Belize. I also bought or bartered for some beautiful hand woven textiles, a weakness of mine, that I have to this day.

That was my introduction to adventure travel. Travel inspired by a vagabond spirit, that, once on the road, was fueled by experiencing the surprising mystery and beauty of nature and the creativity and generosity of people.

I was hooked!

Now Comes The RV Travel Part Of The Story Because . . .

It's happened once again! At 58 I was thrown another work related curve ball.

I lost my job due to corporate downsizing. Sound familiar? Yikes!

So at 59 (I know . . . What took me so long?) I decided to take advantage of this situation and become a vagabond again. This time I'm a wanderer in search of adventure and discovery via travel right here in the good ol' USA.

How? . . . well, naturally, in my vagabond conveyance of choice, this time in an RV: a vagabond house and vehicle all in one. Call me the RV Vagabond!

And since I am traveling solo on this adventure, the decisions are mine to make and the consequences mine to bear. But I'm up for the challenge. In fact, I'm really excited about it!

Planning and discovering the dream is half the fun! And the creativity that comes from following your passion is a reward in itself!

Paula Sa pictured above Dead Horse Canyon in UtahPaula Sa with Dead Horse Canyon in Utah below

Are You An RV Vagabond Wannabee?

Here you'll find a chronicle of my RV travel adventures, a guide for anyone who has that restless feeling to just go somewhere, taking over your spirit until you're simply looking for the right "reason" to go . . . the perfect moment or situation. I will share my experiences, knowledge and learnings as I buy an RV, camp, hike, cook and explore my way through the USA.

So come vagabonding with me as I craft a lifestyle of RV travel and share in my adventure.

Now . . . it's time to cowboy up, find the RV and hit the road!

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